There Is No Bridge Too Far For Lightmain

You can imagine our delight at Lightmain when an inner city construction company called and asked if we could design, build, install and re surface not one MUGA in London but two.

The conversation quickly moved to the location, time scales and “by the way, a few of your competitors have had a look and said it can’t be done”.

As always Lightmain are up for a challenge and are leaders in the design and build arena so off we went.

London MUGA

The first site visit gave a few clues when the post code for the visit was a railway station car park! MUGA one was relatively straight forward as it was an old car park area that had been raised, and new decorative edgings laid.

So apart from being in the inner city, with limited access and off-loading being difficult, this one was fairly straight forward.

MUGA In London

Whilst looking for a similar flat and level tarmac area to fit the second MUGA the client smiled and pointed towards an old stone base underneath a railway bridge.

As you will see from the photos the challenges where certainly stacking up.

The pad was not square and certainly not level, meaning a totally bespoke MUGA was required with all four sides being a different length and height. The bridge was elevating along the length of the court so each goal end would need to be a different height and then each goal end would have to taper up or down from each corner post as the underside of the bridge was angled.

Multi Use Games Area In London

The final constraint was the MUGA was also the security fencing to prevent any unlawful track side access, no pressure then!

As you will see from the photos, the end result was amazing and the client and council were delighted as always.

No matter how difficult the project and how bespoke your MUGA needs are, Lightmain will find a way!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog ‘There Is No Bridge Too Far For Lightmain’. For all your MUGA and outdoor play equipment requirements please contact us for more information on how we can help.

London Multi-Use-Games-Area