Playing outdoors is an exciting time for children of all ages. Giving children the chance to play outside allows them to explore, shout, run and have that bit of freedom they need. Outdoor play equipment provides children the chance to interact, develop social skills, build their physical strength, and learn. Here are some of the major benefits of outdoor play:

Outdoor Play

Better Sleep

Children have a better night’s sleep when they have spent time out in the fresh air. Just by playing outdoors, children have an increased intake of vitamin D which also improves their mental health.

Learning Development

For babies and toddlers in particular, creating an outdoor sensory environment is so important for their growth. By using sensory playground equipment, they develop their learning at a much faster rate.

Healthier Lifestyle

In this day and age, children do not spend enough time playing outdoors which can be a participating factor in child obesity. Encouraging children to play outdoors gives them the exercise they need to burn off some of their excess energy. For babies and toddlers, outdoor play also plays a part in their motor skills. They see so many things they want to touch and play with and try to get to them by themselves.

Build Confidence

Playing outdoors encourages children to be more confident in their abilities, they are more likely to take a risk and challenge themselves when in the playground.

Care for the Environment

Children who gain knowledge of the environment are more likely to respect the environment throughout their lives. Incorporating outdoor play and nature is a great way for children to learn about nature. Not only are they expanding their knowledge, but they are having fun which is equally as important.


It is a fact that children who connect with nature are less likely to have behavioural problems. According to recent studies, children who spend more time playing outdoors are better behaved and showed more kindness towards others.

Development of Social Skills

It is key to a child’s development that they develop social skills from an early age and outdoor play is the perfect opportunity for children to do this. There are many outdoor games that require more than one person to play so they are almost forced into interacting with other children.

All children need outdoor play as it has a huge impact on their personal development. This is why creating the right environment for children to play is so important.

Here at Lightmain, we design, manufacture, and install some of the best multi-use games areas (MUGA’s) for outdoor play. Our MUGA’s are suitable for a wide variety of games such as Football, Basketball, Hockey and much more. We also design stake parks to a high, safe standard to ensure all children are participating in a sport that they enjoy.

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The Benefits of Outdoor Play