Circular Picnic Table


You are here:  Home /  Street Furniture /  Circular Picnic Table Circular Picnic Table Code: LMCPT100 This steel circular picnic table is a must for any park or playground. Extremely strong and sturdy, this steel picnic table is available in any RAL colour and is galvanised and powder-coated to prevent rust. With the [...]

Cycle Stand


You are here:  Home /  Street Furniture /  Cycle Stand Cycle Stand Our steel cycle stand is ideal for any development projects looking at providing a safe place to lock and store bicycle's, whether it be in a new housing estate, place of work or public area. Available in two different sizes: 4 bays (LMCR4B) 6 [...]

Flat Bar Bench


You are here:  Home /  Street Furniture /  Flat Bar Bench Flat Bar Bench LMFBB Our flat bar bench is ideal for those looking at working to a tight budget. Known as our backless budget bench, this reliable and sturdy bench is made using British steel. The steel is hot-dipped galvanised to [...]

Flat Bar Picnic Table


You are here:  Home /  Street Furniture /  Flat Bar Picnic Table Flat Bar Picnic Table Code: LMFPT100 Our flat bar picnic table is a firm favourite amongst councils within their parks and play areas. Designed using British steel, the picnic table is built to last. Hot-dipped galvanised to prevent rust [...]

Flat Bar Seat


You are here:  Home /  Street Furniture /  Flat Bar Seat Flat Bar Seat LMFS100 Our flat bar seat is a popular choice for those projects working to a budget. Its simple design is classic and will suit a range of projects whether it be for parks, in a playground [...]

Lean Back Seat


You are here:  Home /  Street Furniture /  Lean Back Seat Lean Back Seat Code: LMLBS100 Our lean back seat is ideal for shelters, waiting areas, taxi ranks or anywhere that needs space-saving seating. With the idea of that the person is perched on the edge, the lean seat doesn't need [...]

Litter Bin


You are here:  Home /  Street Furniture /  Litter Bin Litter Bin Our tough and durable steel litter bin is built to withstand the harshest of conditions, made from steel and available in any RAL colour. Available in two different sizes: Round bin 45L (LMLB200) Large Round Bin 100L (LMLB300). The single leg design [...]

Metal Rainbow Bench


You are here:  Home /  Street Furniture /  Steel Rainbow Bench Steel Rainbow Bench Code: LMRAB100 Our colourful and exciting steel rainbow bench is a firm favourite amongst schools and councils looking for seating in playgrounds. The curved design is unique and made from British steel, the bench will withstand the harshest [...]

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