Project Description


Llandudno Junction Primary School mini goal

What better way to complete a new school project
than having a brand new multi use games area for the
students to enjoy.

We were appointed by Read Construction to design,
manufacture and install a 37m x 18m ball court as
part of their large modernisation project of a primary
school in Llandudno.

The huge project saw the merger of two primary
schools into one large community school as part of
Conwy’s Primary School Modernisation Programme.

The new Llandudno Junction Primary School
accommodates over 430 pupils so needed a MUGA
that would be large enough and suitable for the user’s
age and abilities.
The design of the MUGA included 2m high medium
duty fencing which is perfect for the students’ height
and age.

Our mini goal ends are specifically designed for
schools and come with a reduced height basketball
hoop and a heavy duty mini goal back.
To add the finishing touch, the MUGA received a
new tarmac surfacing. We laid a base and top layer
of tarmac along with line markings for football,
basketball and netball.


MUGA 37m x 18m
2m high medium duty sports fencing
Mini goal ends with basketball hoop and cricket wicket
One pedestrian gate
New tarmac surfacing
Line markings for football, basketball and netball