Multi use games areas and team sports work hand-in-hand

There’s increasing publicity and pressures surrounding the importance of exercise amongst youngsters and the need for schools and councils to provide opportunities to increase the amount of exercise.

Exercising on an individual basis has its benefits in terms of improving health and fitness, but what benefits are there behind team sports?

Phil Borrington, Operations Manager investigates.

Team sports have been around since the 1800’s when football and other similar ball sports were given dedicated rules and more crucially, people were divided into teams.

Not only are team sports exciting and promote fitness, it holds a series of other benefits which are all equally as important.

Confidence building

Working as part of a time, youngsters can show their skill and grow in confidence as they achieve success both individually and as a group.


Once a youngster has joined a team, they have committed themselves to that sport. This provides the opportunity to experience commitment and understand its true meaning.

Making friends

Joining a team is a great way to make new friends and develop social skills. Being part of a team includes learning to trust your team members which is another important life lesson.


With all sports comes the lesson of being disciplined and having good time management skills. Turning up on time for practise and following the rules are all transferable skills for the future.

Difference between winning and losing

Being part of a team, youngsters will soon experience both winning and losing. They will learn to appreciate a win and also learn how to overcome the feeling of losing.

Teaches respect

Working as part of a team, youngsters not only have to respect their coach but also each other. Success can only be achieved if the players respect one another.

Fun for all the family

Team sports also means competitions and matches where family can attend to support their child. This is a great bonding opportunity and topic to talk about with family. Family members can even help practise with their child at home in between games.

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