Teenagers Playing Basketball

From its origin in the USA in 1891, basketball has grown to become a popular sport for children and adults around the world which resulting in a global need for Outdoor Basketball Courts.

With towns and cities becoming more and more built up, it can be hard for people to find outdoor spaces where they can practice and play sports like basketball.

At Lightmain, we work alongside our clients from the initial site meeting all the way to sign off to ensure we deliver the best results possible. Using quality materials and the latest equipment, we can install quality outdoor basketball courts that will last for years.

Three benefits of getting a basketball court installed in your local area

Fitness – Keeping fit in this day and age can seem like a difficult task especially thanks to the easy access to fast food and other unhealthy foods. But the best way to burn off these calories is to get outside & play sports like basketball on one of our courts.

Building a sense of community – Teamwork & sportsmanship are great traits for any child or adult to have and what better way to develop these skills than through playing sports. Meet people in your local area & play alongside them on our basketball courts.

Reduced crime rates for children – If kids are trapped indoors or have no outlet for their energy, it can lead to bad behaviour or even crime. Our basketball courts give your kids the perfect location to utilise their energy in a fun & productive way.

Create the perfect sports area for kids & their families with a basketball court from Lightmain.

What Is A Basketball Court?