Waverley Rotherham Bespoke Archway

Epsom and Ewell High School

“It has been a pleasure to work with Phil and his team at Lightmain, and this piece of work, which will hopefully provide visual interest and debate in the area for many years to come, is testament to this collaboration and hard work.”

James Cox, Rotherham MBC

Waverley Junior Academy is a new school development, opened in late 2020 as part of the wider planning requirements for the Waverley village development in Rotherham. Lightmain worked closely with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC) in order to create a bespoke CorTen archway at the entrance to the school.

As part of the wider planning requirements public buildings on the scheme required to use a certain palette of materials, with CorTen being a feature material running through the development area.  Additionally, key junctions and vistas of the development were to be marked by pieces of artwork or features within buildings.  In order to meet these requirements, and to emphasise the school entrances and key walkways, the “Waverley School Arch” was envisaged.

The initial conceptual ideology was developed in collaboration to create the stunning visual feature that exists at the junction of Waverley Walk and Cherry Wood Way.  The archway incorporates subtle punched design work, within the CorTen panels, based on the Chemical Composition of Coal, a reference back to the area’s heritage as an open cast mine and a coking plant.  The lettering, providing the name of the school, is highlighted in clean stainless steel, to juxtapose against the aging CorTen and referencing the new alongside the old.

Lightmain worked closely with the design and contracting team to assist in bringing this key element of the project to life and provide expertise in the limitations and possibilities of both the materials and methods of installation.

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