Work is being ‘ramped’ up onsite near the south coast as our latest skate project gets underway for a full design and build of a concrete skate park.

Working on behalf of Walker Construction, the concrete skate park measuring 36m x 22m features an exciting range of ramps and grind opportunities.

The total skate park area measures 658sqm and includes an attractive green space in the middle creating a circuit around the greenery. The landscaped green area adds a contrasting visual element to the concrete backdrop.

Designed as a large loop, the park will lead skaters through a thrill-ride of experiences where they can practise improving their skills and tricks. Set on different levels to challenge the skaters balancing skills, the track includes several banks to add speed and different height and shaped ramps to keep it varied.

We have designed and project managed the manufacture of large steel structures to form 5m long grind benches and grind boxes to form the edge of the skate elements which offer excellent grind opportunities.

The insitu concrete provides the perfect smooth surface for skaters, generating speed as they ride along. Due to the smooth surface, the noise produced is very little. Other advantages include being fireproof, vandal resistant, low maintenance and weatherproof.

We’re extremely excited to see the site taking shape. Keep a look out on our social media pages for weekly updates: Facebook and Twitter.