School MUGA? Our Operations Manager, Phil Borrington looks at why a MUGA could be the answer to increasing the opportunity of sports within schools.

In 2016 the Government set out a 10-year plan to reduce England’s rate of childhood obesity by encouraging the following:

  • Cut the amount of sugar in food and drinks
  • School children to eat more healthily and stay active

Nearly a third of children aged 2 to 15 are overweight, the root cause being an energy imbalance – taking in more energy through food than being used through activity.

The UK Chief Medical Officers’ recommend children should engage in physical activity for at least 60 minutes a day. There is also evidence that physical activity and taking part in organised sports is linked to improved academic performance.

But how can schools achieve these government targets? A school MUGA (multi use games area) could be your answer.

Save money and space

A MUGA does what it says, it’s multi-sport. Why cater for just football, when a MUGA can include basketball, netball, tennis, hockey and many more. You can even play more than sport at a time if the area is divided.

This will ultimately save space and money as all sports can be played within the one area, rather than separate courts using up more valuable playground space.

No restrictions

There’s no need to cancel PE lessons due to bad weather. The surfacing used within a multi use games area is all-weather, meaning water can drain away easily with no risk of a flooded pitch.

Making sports exciting

A multi use games area doesn’t just need to be about kicking a football into a goal. Use play panels and target panels to create a more competitive and exciting experience for users.

School MUGA – Investing into the future

There’s no denying it, the initial cost for a multi use games area could be substantial depending on your requirements. However, there are funding streams available to help fund your project.

Once in place, your MUGA will last a lifetime. On our heavy duty fencing, we offer a 25 year guarantee and is near enough indestructible.

School MUGA – Maintenance free

With very little work needed to be done over the years to a MUGA, especially with our heavy duty fencing system – the end result is practically maintenance free.

For more information on how we can get your MUGA project started, or for help with funding for your project – give us a call on 0114 282 1259, or email, or fill out our enquiry form.