We are delighted to introduce Scandinavian manufacturer FinBin to the Lightmain range.

FinBin specialises in manufacturing and supplying premium-quality designer litter bins. Highly regarded in Finland as the market leader, FinBin is renowned for producing both exceptionally stylish and durable products.

Their product ranges include outdoor waste receptacles, indoor recycling bins and next-generation Smart bin solutions.

Their bins are perfectly suited for city streets and are ideal for parks, theme parks, offices, sports venues, retirement communities, communal areas, the hospitality sector, the education sector, retail outlets and anywhere that waste management is required!

Finbin belongs to Lehtovuori Oy, a family-run business which was established in 1945. In 1990, they won a tender to work with Helsinki council to supply outdoor bins for the capital city. The project was a big success, with designs soon expanding into a full range. FinBin was officially launched in 1995 and has since installed their bins in 39 countries including Europe, North America and Middle-East.

Over the years, FinBin has focused on delivering customer-driven design, acquiring and abiding by a continuing philosophy of excellence in both design and manufacturing.

Their unique factory sets them apart, equipped with modern production machinery which includes, laser cutting, bending and brake presses, robotic & hand-welding and automated powder-coating line.

Their superior bins are made using galvannealed steel which drastically improves durability in comparison to galvanised steel, adding extra resistance to weathering and outdoor use, sometimes adding decades to the product life cycle.

FinBin is renowned for manufacturing exceptionally durable bins, this is because their bins are manufactured using galvannealed steel. The metal is bathed in a molten zinc bath and then processed through air knives.

When heated at 500-565 degrees, the zinc causes a diffusion process which creates this unique surface. When used in production this rough surface is perfect for manufacturing outdoor products because when painted, the microscopic crevices accept and hold paint better and produces high-quality painting results compared to galvanised steel.

This unique surface gives FinBin the competitive edge as it is perfect for painting, the paint is embedded into the deep crevices giving them the best possible finish making them more attractive. This also gives the bins their elongated product life spam as they become super resistance against corrosion and rust.