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Heavy Duty MUGA

Our Heavy Duty MUGA features our heavy duty sports fencing, with 3m high sides. Available with chicane entrances, pedestrian gates and maintenance gates. Fencing is available in 4m, 3m (shown), 2m and 1m high sides.

Designed to withstand high impact and heavy use. MUGA stands for “Multi-Use Games Area,” and these surfaces are typically used for outdoor sports such as football, basketball, tennis, and netball.

  • Incredibly Sturdy
  • Durable Design

  • Suitable for Multiple Sports

Categories: Heavy Duty MUGA, MUGA, Sports Equipment, Multi-Use Game Areas

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Rugby Road Park MUGA, Whiting Landscape

April 12th, 2019|

Rugby Road Park MUGA, Whiting Landscapes We were thrilled to work in partnership with landscaping giant, Whiting Landscapes on their latest redesign of Rugby Road Park in Hinckley. We [...]

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