Looking for a multi use games area with a difference? The key word is in the name…’multi use’

A multi use games area is not just for football. Basketball, netball and tennis are becoming increasingly more popular as confirmed by Sport England which has recently identified the 33 most popular sports in the UK – most of which can be played within a MUGA.

Lightmain is one of the leading suppliers of multi use games areas. Not only do we specialise in football, we offer a number of difference sports to help you achieve the perfect court to suit your needs.

Make the most of your multi use games area

By adding certain elements to your MUGA, you can achieve more play value by accommodating for different sports.

Below are some of the sports we can offer as part of your games package

Football – this is the most popular choice of sport to play within a games area. There are lots of different options to choose from to make your multi use games area unique. Including; type of goal, size of the pitch, cross-court goals, gates, target panels, floodlighting, rebound fencing.

Basketball – this sport works well alongside the football element to the games area. Backboards and rings can be added to a goal to make the court multi-use for both football and basketball. We also have reduced height basketball hoops for younger players.

Netball –  still a strong feature within schools, we offer netball posts and hoops along with line markings to help bring the sport to life. Portable posts and hoops are also an option.

Tennis –  by including sockets in the games area surface, you can easily add a tennis net. If you’re wanting a more permanent solution, why not use 1m high Predator fencing as a net alternative.

Cricket – by simply adding a cricket stump to the fence line, you can achieve a safe environment to play cricket. We also offer a netting system to practice batting and bowling.

Hockey – not just an indoor sport, our Predator system is extremely heavy duty so can withstand the strongest of hits from a hockey stick.

Cycling / athletics – make the most of the space around your MUGA – by adding a painted running or cycling track around the court you can easily cater for two additional sports.

Table tennis – not always associated with a games area, this sport is on the Sport England popular sport list. A concrete table tennis table is the perfect addition, great for the spectators to play while waiting to use the court.

If your sport isn’t on the list above, don’t worry. Contact us to see how we can work together to bring your project to life.

If you would like to enquire about the cost of a multi use games area, then please get in contact with us on 0114 282 1259, email us at info@lightmain.co.uk, or send us an enquiry.