Imagine if you could help to keep your streets litter free whilst reducing the carbon footprint of your town or city. Imagine if your choice of bin could help you achieve this.

You can. We aren’t talking about recycling bins – although these do of course have an important role to play. We are talking about the smartest compacting bin on the market – the CitySolar smart bin – which eliminates the need for four out of five waste collections.
This means your waste collection truck comes out less, emitting fewer polluting fumes, thus, reducing your carbon footprint.

The CitySolar smart bin, from Finnish designers and manufacturers Finbin, fits over 1,200 litres of compacted litter. That’s the same amount of refuse as twenty traditional 60-litre street bins.

It also contains patented technology that reads fill levels and notifies the waste management company once it is full. This extremely accurate measuring system cuts down on expensive and time-consuming unnecessary collections.

What’s more, the outdoor version is 100% solar powered, another way in which the design is environmentally conscious.
Made from stainless, galvanised steel and aluminium, the CitySolar smart bin is durable and will stand the test of time on even the busiest of streets and public spaces. Plus, it can be customised with your brand’s colours and logo so it can blend in seamlessly with the look and feel of your town and city.

Widely regarded in Finland as the market leader, FinBin is renowned for premium-quality designer litter bins, and their products can be found in cities across the world including Dubai, Manchester, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm and Washington.

We are a proud UK supplier of FinBin’s stylish collection, including the CitySolar. Lightmain director, Paul Collings, comments,

“The FinBin products we supply are truly world-class and can make a significant difference to any high street or public space. The CitySolar is a product for local authorities that want to really have an impact on their waste management costs, reduce the carbon emissions associated with their waste systems, and use litter bins that look great and are extremely durable.”

You can find out more about the CitySolar smart bin here. For more information on this product and to discuss its suitability for your town or city, please get in touch.