Empty Basketball Court with Basketball Theme Markings

If your local park has fallen into decay and disrepair, one way you can get people visiting again is to create an area where people can practice sports and what better way than by installing a brand new outdoor sports court.

Lightmain supplies clients with high quality multi use game area and other outdoor products at great prices. Designed to match your requirements and your budget, you can be sure that we can install a new outdoor sports court that is bespoke to your needs.

Featuring a team of experts with over 25 years experience installing sports courts, you can guarantee exceptional quality every time you use Lightmain for your next project.

Three Reasons To Install An Outdoor Sports Court In Your Local Area 

Versatility – Able to be used for every sport from tennis to basketball, these sports courts can be used by people of all ages and skill levels. We can also create bespoke designs that are catered to a specific sport.

Durability – Guaranteed to last for many years, you can be sure that our sports courts will stand the test of time. With over 25 years designing and installing these courts, we know they are made from quality materials that last.

Social Space – Sports is one way to get people of all ages to connect over something they love. By creating a dedicated area where people can play and practice, they can make new friends and organise sports groups.

Restore your local public space with the addition of a sports court from Lightmain.

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