When you’re passionate about skateboarding, the world is your skate park and who better than Lightmain to provide the perfect Skate Park Equipment? From grinding down railing to jumping over steps, you can use every part of the environment. However, while this may be great for the skateboarder, it can be disruptive or dangerous to the people using the same area.

Give skateboarders in your local community the perfect place to skateboard without being a risk with our range of high quality  equipment. From ramps to grind rails, Lightmain has a huge selection of skate park pieces that you can organise into any combination of your choosing.

Create the perfect area for skateboarders of all ages with our range at competitive prices. From hanging out with other skateboarders to practicing ollys, our skate park equipment gives any aspiring skateboarder everything they could need.

Why use our skate park equipment? 

If you are searching for equipment that stands out from the rest, we have just what you need. Made from quality materials and to a high standard, you can be sure that our ramps, rails and other equipment will stand the test of time.

Our equipment can promote a healthier lifestyle and get people out and exercising in a place that is designed for them. Skate parks can also help to reduce crime and bad behaviour by giving kids a place to relax and use their energy constructively.

Get people off their sofas and get them out skateboarding with our range of skate park equipment.

What is a skatepark?

A skatepark consists of ramps, mini ramps, pipes, banks, ledges, stairs, rails, flow and as the name suggests, are places to skate. It could be indoor skatepark or an outdoor skatepark. Skateparks began in the mid 1970’s and have been popular ever since.