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Filey Bench Refurbishment and Donation

“These benches still had a lot of life left in them, so being able to give them a new lease of life and also allow the residents to enjoy the garden seemed like a great opportunity. We are pleased to have been able to help.”

Philip Borrington, Business and Operations Manager for Lightmain

Last summer we removed 4 old Black Lightmain Benches that were around 12-15 years old from a community area in Parkgate, Rotherham on behalf of the RMBC (Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council). Despite their age and a small amount of vandalism/graffiti, the benches were in far too good a condition to be scrapped and deserved a second lease of life.

Our very own Philip Borrington spotted an opportunity for a good deed. Over in Filey there is a small communal garden outside a block of retirement apartment’s that, due to financial constraints after 6 years, still had nowhere for the residents to sit and enjoy the east coast sunshine. As Lightmain have involvement in the community group, Phillip suggested that we could donate these old benches.

Lightmain then took these benches, carried out the necessary repair works and then had them re-coated in a different colour, all free of charge. We also covered the cost of transport and installation at their new home.

As you will see from the photos they look like new again! They have been really appreciated by the whole community and give the residents somewhere to sit, chat and enjoy the sunshine.

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Project: Filey Bench Refurbishment and Donation
Address: Southdene Gardens in Filey
Completed: August 2023
Specification: removal, refurbishment, relocation and installation
Cost: Circa £3,500